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Why should TJCS be your value solution?

Our mission is simple: Give our clients the best technical support possible in the fastest, most courteous manner. We are reliable, dependable and affordable. Whether you need help with one computer or an entire office network, T&J is committed to providing you with the best services available.

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We have many years of experience in the industry, providing support for the most sophisticated networks and operating systems.

Our support services are Desktop Management, Web Design, Programming, Data Management, Systems Analysis, Network Management, Backup and Network Security, Physical Security System (Video/Audio).

We do rollouts and upgrade of the most recent technology for your needs. All covered clients benefit from our services and support systems which make technology operation efficient and cost effective.

We offer "internet connection" DSL/Cable service as well as new system set-up service. We can build you a "custom-built" system for a very competitive price. Consult with us before you make that next major purchase.

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